1975 Seafarer 22

SEAFARER built some of the best-built and seaworthy boats going- and have quite a reputation/following. Check out some resources:

Seafarer History & Info

Seafarer Research Center

To answer the question "What needs to be fixed/done?": Fiberglass could use to be compunded and waxed. Woodwork needs some minor repair. Rudder post has a secondary attachment to the skeg in front of it; needs to be reattached/welded BUT I've sailed her with it this way since I had it, never caused a problem. When I bought her I sailed her from Northport NY to CT over 2 days.. was a joy to sail! Could use bottom paint, interior is ok- may need a screw here or there. Nav lights are in place, but would need to be wired to a battery. Sails are fair.. main has a small patch right at the peak (where there's no stress). Minor stress cracking on deck, etc. Decks are solid - no soft spots.

It's certainly NOT new.. but it's a VERY friendly boat especially for someone learning how to sail.. not tender even in high winds- keel keeps you very stable... AND.. the PRICE is right!

Needs to be launched and the mast stepped.. You can either step the mast yourself or have the marina do it at launch.. AND - I'LL PAY FOR THE LAUNCH

Call Gary at 860-345-2483


Call Gary at 860-345-2483